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Halloween Spooktacular 
Edinburgh Zoo

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Celebrating Halloween on the wild side 

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We partnered with the Royal Zoological Society for Scotland (RZSS), to deliver Spooktacular at Edinburgh Zoo, a Halloween event that created family-friendly scares.  

The primary objective was to create a thrilling Halloween experience for visitors while ensuring the safety and well-being of the animals residing at Edinburgh Zoo. The event aimed to attract new audiences to the zoo, whilst generate important income to support RZSS’ conservation and education efforts.

The event was delivered on a partnership basis with both NL Productions and RZSS assuming risk and both being involved in the design and conception.

The event was designed to create a trail of themed zones, each offering thrills and scares that were captured the spirit of the Halloween season but were suitable for all the family. This required a fine level of balance to ensure that the event captured the attention of adults and older children but did scare younger children.

This was achieved by installing themed lighting, high-quality props, spooky projections, and atmospheric effects. This was combined with costumed performers to create an immersive and interactive experience.

Special attention was given to minimize disruptions to the animals' routines and habitats. Lighting and sound installations were strategically positioned to avoid disturbing sensitive species, and pathways were designed to ensure visitors' movement did not encroach upon animal enclosures.

The event was very successful, achieving its commercial objectives while receiving positive feedback from visitors. The event continued to grow over two years to become the largest Halloween event within Central Scotland.


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