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Spooky Tunnels 
Caigies Farm, near Edinburgh 


Harvesting success with family friendly scares


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Craigies Farm, located just outside Edinburgh near South Queensferry, has long been synonymous with quality, service, and sustainability. Seeking to diversify their offerings and attract a broader audience, Craigies Farm collaborated with NL Productions to create a memorable Halloween event.

The primary goal was to transform the farm's polytunnels and accentuate its pumpkin patch for a dual-phase event: a family-friendly daytime experience and an exhilarating evening event.

The event production collaborated closely with the farm's management to understand the layout and audience expectations. The concept revolved around creating a Halloween wonderland that seamlessly integrated with the farm's natural charm.

Using a combination of high-quality props, audio, lighting, atmospheric effects, and a team of live performers our team created an immersive experience that delivered excitement and family-friendly scares. Working in partnership, our team also aided in the management and the marketing and promotion of the event.

The event successfully attracted both local families and a new audience seeking unique Halloween experiences. Attendee feedback highlighted the seamless integration of scares and family fun. The event not only boosted the farm's reputation as a family-friendly destination but also aligned seamlessly with its values, attracting positive attention from local media and social influencers.


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