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Monteviot Lights
Monteviot Gardens, near Jedburgh  

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The Scottish Borders'
First Winter Light Trail 

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The Marquis of Lothian commissioned NL Productions to create, manage and produce a beautiful winter light trail within his gardens at Monteviot House near Jedburgh during December 2023.

This was the first winter light trail event in the Scottish Borders.

NL Productions oversaw all aspects of the project management:

  1. Brand, website design, marketing and PR

  2. Lighting and audio design and production

  3. Delivery of both retail and food and beverage

  4. Design and management of the visitor experience

  5. Staff recruitment and training

The brief uniquely looked to create a lighting show that enhanced the natural features of the gardens to create immersion and amazing experiences. The focus was on quality and ensuring the natural world was the focus.

Sustainability was important with a focus on minimising the carbon footprint of the event and provenance within food and beverage. All visitor services staff were recruited from within the local area.

The event exceeded all expectations, attracting record numbers of visitors in its first year and receiving universally positive feedback across all aspects of the visitor experience. The aim now is to grow to become market leader within the Scottish Borders. 

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