Behind the Edinburgh Festivals

Its the time of year when Edinburgh shines, not always the sun unfortunately, but as thousands come to enjoy the sights and sounds of the multitude of events and performances which make up the Edinburgh Festivals in August.

Across the city every space imaginable becomes a performance space...but ever wonder just how the churches, halls and historic buildings become performance spaces?

Fringe Venue

Track back to the Winter, through the cold dreich months the NL Productions team is out, photographing , measuring and planning how to turn the most unusual and exciting of spaces into venues of which we, our international array of clients, and our city can be proud.

Festival Venue

Come July we have the plans in place, the designs approved and the staging, lighting, sound and scenic kit prepared, so before everyone arrives to enjoy the festivities our team are out transforming Edinburgh to welcome the worlds greatest festival of the arts.

Support is essential throughout any festival run and being based right here in Edinburgh, our team are on hand throughout August to support and advise. Some of our clients have been working in partnership with us for over 20years, testament to the service NL Productions offer.

Come September, when the party is over, our team are out putting everything back just as it was. Ready for next year!

So if your looking to turn a space, however unusual, a venue for festivals to come, NL Productions is on hand, here in Edinburgh all year round. You'll be amazed at the transformation!

Fringe Stage

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